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Plus your Level 25 Abilities. Level 20 Abilities are Level 2 Limit Breaks.

Summons Get Buffed

Izeal - Blanca
You summon the White Wolf of Domremy to your side.
Active ✦ Magic, Typeless, Summoning
Speed: 10
Effect: Blanca appears in a flash of rending teeth and claws, dealing [8d8 + Will] damage to each enemy target, and loosing a terrifying howl that causes Fear (3) with a 33% chance of success.
Special: Blanca remains at your side, attacking each time you take an action. His attacks are modified by Will.
Special: If Blanca is your Loyal Soul companion, each time he attacks, the party gains 2 Overdrive.
Blanca, the White Wolf: Blanca attacks as though he were wielding a weapon of Izeal's choice. Each time one of his attacks hits, the party gains an Attribute point in their Primary Attribute, to a maximum of seven points.

Izeal - Trinity
You summon your past and future selves to aid you in combat.
Active ✦ Innate, Magic, Summoning
Speed: 10
Effect: You summon your past (Zaxiel) and future (Bringer of the Eternal Calm) selves to aid you. They travel the secret pathways of space and time and arrive at your side instantly. Each alternate self can be called upon aid you in combat once before disappearing. Zaxiel allows you to cast any spell without spending MP, though any surcharges still apply. Bringer of the Eternal Calm allows you to cast a single Healing-Keyword spell as a free action, though you cannot use this to interrupt other effects.
Special: At the beginning of combat, you may use this Ability as a free action.
Special: You may only use this spell once per encounter.
Special: Every five levels, the cost of this Ability increases by 1.
Special: Your alternate selves remain at your side, acting each time you take an action. Their attacks are modified by Will.
Zaxiel: 2d10 Dark damage and his attacks are Breaching. If the target has no armor to ignore, they deal an additional die of damage.
Bringer of the Eternal Calm: Restore 5% of the party's maximum HP.

Daal - Burst Lancet
You cast a more powerful Lancet spell.
Passive ✦ Innate, Magic, Ranged
You cast Lancet on each enemy target simultaneously. Reduce Lancet's speed to 4. If you learn multiple Blue Magic spells this way, you may use your Level 15 ability to chain-cast them.

Raya - Burn Critical
You are a whirlwind of fists.
Passive ✦ Skill, Weapon
Your Limit Breaks can now critically hit. You deal 2.5x damage on critical hits.
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