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For the original party.

Glenn/Gryxas - Blades of Dawn and Dusk
Launch of flurry of combined attacks.
Active ✦ Darkness, Skill, Weapon
Cost: 1SP, 1F
Choose one. Attack six times, or attack three times and each attack triggers an attempt to steal.

Level 35 Abilities

Glenn - Wishgranter
Grant the wishes of allies.
Passive ✦ Innate, Magic
At the beginning of each combat round, before rolling Initiative, grant a wish for the party. Wishes last until the next wish is made, unless otherwise stated. This ability reaches across space and time to affect both parties.
Wise Wish: The party casts Black and Blue Magic spells at half their normal MP cost.
Determined Wish: Restore 1 Focus, 1 Chi, 2 Shadow Power, and 10% MP to the party.
Alchemist's Wish: Double the amount of non-eqiuppable stolen items.
Faithful Wish: The party casts White Magic spells at half their normal MP cost.
Kind Wish: Each enemy has a 50% chance of leaving the combat. If they do, they give the party XP, items, and gold. You can make Kind Wishes once per day.
Hopeful Wish: Cast Life 2 or Life 3 on each party member. You can make Hopeful Wishes once per day, and you can make them while the party is dead.
Outsider's Wish: All stolen alchemical items become Prismatic, if possible.

Aryelle - Desperation
You act quickly to aid allies.
Passive ✦ Magic
You gain +1 Speed for each stack of Brilliance and each time you cast a White Magic spell that removes a status effect or heals at least 1 HP. You can gain a maximum of +5 Speed this way.

Gryxas - Assassin
You summon a Nobody to aid you.
Active ✦ Darkness, Summoning
Cost: 1SP
Speed: 5
You summon an Assassin Nobody to aid you in combat, it crosses the secret pathways in the Realm of Darkness and appears at your side instantly. It remains at your side, increasing your chance to steal rare items by 15% and attacking each time you take an action. Use your Attributes and either of your currently weapons to determine damage. If you use Dual Wield, it makes two attacks. If you use Swiftbolt, it mimics it, but makes only one attack. Your summon is immune to damage and cannot be directly targeted by most attacks.


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