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It's not pretty, but it's the session write-up.

Session 2 -- The Lost Empire

Glen awoke in the lost empire of Atlantis. The city was under seige by the Heartless, but the Atlanteans knew of the Keyblade Master and welcomed him as their savior.

Glen met the (current) leader of the Atlantis, Noror, the head of the Royal Guard. Noror was the leader of a rebellion against Kashekim Nedakh, the Emperor of Atlantis. It seemed that when the Heartless had arrived, the Emperor had refused to use the power of the Atlantean crystals to defend the city. Noror and the royal guards, believing that the Emperor was lying when he claimed that only members of the royal family could access the city's defenses, rebelled placed the Emperor under house arrest.

Unfortunately, it turned out Kashekim Nedakh was telling the truth, and the city's defenses remained inactive as Heartless swarmed into the city. The Atlanteans were saved though, by the appearance of an outlander who could use the crystals, a mysterious stranger who called himself the Red Prophet.

Noror believed that with the aid Glen and the Red Prophet, the city could be saved. Though he was dismayed to discover that Glen was only a child, and that he did not possess a Mark of Mastery. Together with the royal guards, Glen spent several days helping to defend the city from the Heartless. While he stayed with the Atlanteans, he learned there was a third outlander, a mysterious creature who had tried to assassinate the Red Prophet. Glen convinced the Atleanteans to let him meet with the assassin, who turned out to be a moogle. Although he was unable to speak the moogle language, he managed to convince his new allies that the moogle wasn't dangerous and have it released into his custody.

Session 2 -- The Missing Princess

Meanwhile, Aryelle and Gryxas were flying through space in a gummi ship, searching for Glen. Their ship was attacked by a massive Heartless, and they crash landed in Atlantis. The enite world was swarming with Heartless, but they were rescued by the princess of Atlantis, Kidagakash Nedakh.

Kida told Aryelle and Gryxas a different story, that Noror had led an usurpation against Atlantis' rightful ruler, and enlisted their aid in deposing him. As they fought their way into the city, they encountered Glen and Noror. Although Noror tried to have Kida placed under house arrest, he was interrupted by Glen's new moogle friend, who revealed to Gryxas that the Red Prophet was Kefka, and that he was using the crystals to try and destroy the world.

The reunited group rushed to confront Kefka, who produced a crystal avatar of himself to stall them. Together, the three defeated the avatar, and Glen used the power of the Keyblade to force Kefka out of the crystal. They attempted to dispatch him, but the mad sorcerer teleported away.

The power of the crystal went out of control and threatened to destroy Atlantis, but with Glen's help, Kida used her own powers to stabilize it. Combined with the power of the Keyblade, the resulting energy flux wiped the world clean of Heartless.

Afterwards, Kida realized that her father had been wrong to forbid the use of the crystals, and the rebels realized they had acted foolishly. Noror and the royal guards swore fealty to Kida and installed her as the new Empress. Kida herself proclaimed that Glen was the spiritual descendant of Atlantis' first Emperor, who had himself been a Keyblade Master. As a reward for their efforts, she used the crystals to create a psychic version of herself to travel with the party.

The Atlanteans presented Glen with the First Emperor's Keyblade as a gift. Although this Keyblade had been broken for two thousand years, Gryxas found one of Xaranevs prayer strips tangled in the guard...

The Key of Blue Fire
Wielded by the First Emperor.
Weapon Type: Sword
Damage: 2d10
Ability: Stack Critical. When you attack with they Keyblade and do not critically hit, you gain a +5% bonus to your critical hit chance. This bonus continues to stack until you land a critical hit, at which point it resets to 0.
Special: Heartless and Nobodies slain by the Keyblade are permanently destroyed.


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