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Quick recap of session 4 because I'm pretending to be a panda.

Session 4 -- Traverse Town

The players arrived in Traverse Town. Gryxas went to the library to try and locate the books his superiors wants, while Glen and Aryelle went searching for their missing friends. With Kog's help they located their friend Raya, who told them she had been taken to laboratory and experimented on. She told them that Daal had been with her, and he had created a distraction that had allowed her to escape. She also described a strange weapon that Daal had used, a Keyblade. Although they offered to take Raya home, she did not want to return without Daal.

While searching Traverse Town, Glen and Aryelle discovered that it was like a weak point in space, and lost travelers tended to end up there. Among others things, an entire city had been teleported to Traverse Town when its world had been destroyed. This city of mages was called Enhasa, and was originally part of the Kingdom of Zeal.

Gryxas, meanwhile, found the library encased in an anti-Heartless shield that also repelled Nobodies. Not wanting to explain his 'condition', he withdrew to look for another way inside. While he searched, Aryelle and Glen arrived to do research of their own. Inside the library they met Traverse Town's defense council, Sorin Markov, Celes Chere, Phineas and Ferb, Jaina Proudmoore, and Twilight Sparkle. The group was puzzling over the remains of a damaged portal, but introductions were interrupted by a Heartless attack.

Aryelle and Glen met Gryxas outside, and the three of them fended off a massive attack with the aid of their new allies. The Heartless had been summoned by loyalists to Queen Zeal, who tried to destroy the town with a Heartless made from one of Lavos' spawn. However, the monstrosity was ultimately defeated by the players. With the Heartless and Loyalists apparently gone, Twilight Sparkle lowered the shield around the library, which meant Gryxas could enter.

Twilight explained to the group that the damaged portal had been recovered from Loyalists in Enhasa, and that they believed it could be repaired and used to locate the child-kidnappers. They players agreed to help her fix it, and set off to find the necessary components.
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