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The Consolidated List

Group A: 35
Group B: 32


Consumable Items
Potion x2 (30%) - 50
HI-Potion x6 (60%) - 100
X-Potion x10 (100%) - 500
Lapis x1 (30% HP to whole party)
Ether x3 (30%) - 50
HI-Ether x2 (60%) - 100
X-Ether x5 (100%) - 500
Elixir x4 (All HP and Resources, to One Person)
Mega Elixir x3 (All HP and Resources, to Party)
Phoenix Pinion x6
Phoenix Down x9 - 1000
Remedy x6 - 50
Antidote x6 - 50
Eye Drops x5 - 50
Echo Screen x4 - 50
Soft x2 - 50
Roulette Wheel x1
Dream Feather x2 (Cast Sleep)
Bag of Sugar x2 (Use Snack to Hasteaga the party - 3 Rounds - Daal gains +2 Speed)
Wheel of Fortune x3 (Use, Free Action, Reroll any roll, or to retry any random chance)
Poison Bomb x2

Synthesis Items

Iron x0
Steel x1
Mythril x6
Orichalcum x1

Dark Shard x1
Fire Shard x0
Ice Shard x1
Light Shard x1
Poison Shard x1
Thunder Shard x1
Water Shard x0 (200)

Dark Stone x0
Earth Stone x1
Fire Stone x1
Ice Stone x1
Light Stone x0
Thunder Stone x0
Poison Stone x1
Water Stone x0 (400)

Dense Stone x1
Power Stone x2 (Gryxas) (+1 Str, Agi, or Will)
Prismatic Stone x3 (Replacement for any Stone)
Serenity Stone x3 (+2 M.A., %1 M.Dodge)

Dark Gem x12
Earth Gem x6
Fire Gem x5
Ice Gem x2
Light Gem x8
Thunder Gem x6
Water Gem x3
Wind Gem x1 (800)

Dense Gem x0 [+4 A]
Power Gem x1 (Aryelle) [+3 Strength, Agility, or Will]
Prismatic Gem x2 - (Replacement for any Gem)
Serenity Gem x2 [+3 M.A., +2% M.Dodge]

Dark Crystal x9
Earth Crystal x4
Fire Crystal x1
Ice Crystal x1
Light Crystal x3
Poison Crystal x1
Thunder Crystal x1
Water Crystal x2
Wind Crystal x0 (1000)

Bright Crystal x0 [needed for Crystal Crown]
Dense Crystal x1
Magic Crystal x0 [Needed for Crystal Crown]
Serenity Crystal x3 (Glen has 1) [+6 M.A, +3% M.Dodge]
Spirit Crystal x0 [Needed for Crystal Crown]
Power Crystal x0 [Needed for Crystal Crown, also gives +4 Strength, Agility or Will]
Prismatic Crystal x1 [replicates any crystal]

Special Items

Behemoth Skin x2
Chef's Knife x1 - Weapon Only Socket, +2 damage, +2% crit. (Gryxas)
Fragment of Hate (Aryelle) (Adds 1.5x Overdrive)
Golem Heart x1
Hard Shell - Like a Dense Crystal, 1.5x armor if placed in a shield.
Minotaur Hoof x1 (Socketable Item, +4 Str, Agi, or Will) (Gryxas)
Shining Scale x1 - Hammered into a piece of armour or shield, immunity to one element, permanent, cannot be removed. (Daal - Shadow)
Star Fragment: Socket into a piece of equipment, ups A and M.A by 1, and A.D. by 1. (Raya)
Skeletal Fragment x1 (Ups damage on weapons by 2)
Virus Core x2 (Adds a socket to a piece of armour or weapon, an item may have a maximum of one socket added to it)

Weapons and Armour

Angel Shield - +8 A, +8 M.A., +12 Dodge, +12 M.Dodge, Half Damage from Magic Damage. Doesn't stack with Shell. (Daal)
Black Shroud: Armor - 4 A, 4 MA, Prevents Stats from being lowered.
Blizzaga Bangle - Ice Absorb
Celebration Staff - Two forms - Jubilation: Automatically 2x Healing spells, does not stack with the AP things. Celebration: 1.5x Mana, only for summons and offensive spells. (Izeal)
Chain of Ashen Bone (Armor for Gryxas)
Chain of Spirit and Flesh - +8 A, +8 MA, Cannot have HP lowered, Prevents you from being affected by Fate-Altering powers. (Izeal)
Chain of Stars and Iron - +8 A, +8 MA, +1 Chi (Raya Only), Immune to: Poison, Fear, Confuse, Charm, Berserk.
Crystal Crown x5 (Aryelle, Raya, Glen, Gryxas, Daal)
Death Chain - Armor - 4 A, 4 MA, Immune: Instant death. (Daal)
Fear No Darkness - 2d10+2, Immune: Shadow, Weapon Attacks = Speed 8. (Daal)
Hand of the World-Breaker (Glen)
Hexadecimal's Mask - +5 A, +5 MA, gives +5% chance to summon Hexadecimal.
Jewelled Bracelet +8 A, +8 M.A., Auto-Reflect (Izeal)
Kraken Shell: Shield for Daal + 5 A, +5 M.A., 7 Dodge, 7 M. Dodge, Immune to Water.
Prismatic Chain (Daal and Raya's Combined Hearts) - + 7 A, +7 M.A Auto: Shell (Glen)
Ribbon! (Izeal)
Royal Icon: Piece of Armor + 2A, + 2MA, +2 Main Attribute, +1 Speed (Raya)
Running Shoes x1 + 2 Speed
Star Pendant x2
Sun Armor: +7 Armor, +7 M. Armor, Immune: Fear, Blind, Light (Glen)
Void Shield (Daal)
White Shroud: Armor - 4 A, 4 MA, Immune: Silence.

Liepard - Additional 15% to steal, steal 2 items at once. (Roughly 90% chance)

Key Items
Aryelle's Scroll
12 Zodiac Brave Stones (Key Item for Izeal)
- Aquarius Stone [Sidalis] - Implement - Allows Dia to be cast as if the Water spell. Speed 5.
Fear No Darkness
Blacksmithing Plans (Commissioned for a Keyblade by Zaetal, given to Zomax)
Knife of Black Stone (Gryxas' Ultimate Weapon)
Dragon Tooth (represents Alixin the Dragoon)
Jr. Space Rangers Badge

Side Quests
Learn how to cast Ultima Spell (Izeal and Daal, Aryelle and Gryxas)
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