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This circle had no beginning. Become the heroes that you always were.

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Star Heart Power
It has stars, and hearts, and FRIENDSHIP... stop complaining, Gryxas.
Active ✦ Innate, Magic, Overdrive, All
Cost: 100 OD
Effect: You are so stuffed-full with stars, hearts, and friendship that you draw upon your power as the Blue Star to draw your friends close, turning them all into stars, and raining down on those who would dare interrupt your ability to hug it out.

Blue Star (Glen) - You swirl through your enemies, making multiple, powerful keyblade attacks, dealing ice-typed damage.

Purple Star (Aryelle) - Your best friend is a master of magic, particularly fire magic. She casts her most powerful Fire spell on every available target, including her damage bonuses, but not including her AP abilities.

Black Star (Gryxas) - Gryxas doesn't like being a star, so he makes an attack that deals Dark typed damage, and breaks the damage cap. He is the angriest star.

White Star (Izeal) - Izeal's contribution to the party is being amazingly good at healing, and being a good foil to Gryxas. He deals Holy damage and heals the party.

Red Star (Daal) - Your other best friend, the practical one to your youthful exuberance. Even though *he* ate a bag of sugar too. Daal deals Earth-typed damage based on his keyblade attacks and increases the party's defenses.

Pink Star (Raya) - Daal's girlfriend, another one of your best friends, and the mighty kicker of ass. Raya punches through people with the greatest of ease, dealing Wind-damage and knocking targets into an advantageous position.
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For the original party.

Glenn/Gryxas - Blades of Dawn and Dusk
Launch of flurry of combined attacks.
Active ✦ Darkness, Skill, Weapon
Cost: 1SP, 1F
Choose one. Attack six times, or attack three times and each attack triggers an attempt to steal.

Level 35 Abilities )
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Plus your Level 25 Abilities. Level 20 Abilities are Level 2 Limit Breaks.

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I said I would do this and I eventually did! I'm not a failure!

Also, there is an "AP" tag now, to help navigate this clusterfuck.

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